Sunday, July 8, 2012

My reaction on the movie The Pirates of Silicon Valley

The movie The Pirates of Silicon Valley is simply a great movie. But at first I  thought the movie is all about how Apple and Microsoft born and rise. Most of the movie is all about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates steal ideas from Apple Inc. And then after I finished watching the movie, I then realized why it is titled "The Pirates of Silicon Valley". But I don't think Bill Gates actually stole the Operating System. He only stole the idea on how it works. But the story of the movie is all about how the two of the biggest computer company in the world compete.

 As the movie started, It's all about the late Apple Inc CEO Steve Jobs. But before I watch this movie I know a lot of info about Steve Jobs. That he has an Anger Management, an attitude that you'll never want. And the precise term is, he is not a good co-employee. That's why I am not surprised why he is fired on Apple at that time. Although I already know the story behind that. After he fired, he then created the Pixar Studios which is the competitor of Walt Disney. Steve Jobs is the man that has only one side decision. It is always his decision. And I think that's the reason behind Apple's success before he died. But is it really worth it? He lost his best friend Steve Wozniak on the business because of his bad attitude or behavior, the behavior exactly I saw in the movie. But he really a charismatic person. He got the attention of many people because on what he did and invented. A great he really is, but lack of responsibility to other things. He do have a family, but never took the responsibility of being a father. That's a one big issue to him. But others don't mind that. All they want is what Steve Jobs do to them. Steve Jobs did a lot of wrong things in Apple before he's been fired. Success maybe on him at that time but the real meaning of being a CEO is not at him.

The second man of the Silicon Valley is non other than Bill Gates. I great businessman with no other goal but to compete on other companies and win that competition. We saw Bill Gates in the story to be a typical businessman. But not only a businessman, I successful businessman. Actually, I like the attitude of Bill Gates in comes of work. But the only thing you will hate on him is his greediness. He made an offer to IBM with no assurance on his hand. And he take his own risk in making a deal on Steve Jobs that he will work for Apple Inc as a developer. You will see Bill Gates in the movie to be a person with no other things on his mind but to compete on Apply and win the competition. This is the Bill Gates I know. The person that faced many cases because of his business. But I know Gates is a good man. He is just obsess on matching what Apple does have at that time. But overall in the movie, Bill Gates is a fine man.

As I react on the movie, this is what came into my mind and what I conclude. That it is not enough to be a genius on your field. You should make a bad thing to achieve success. As the two gentlemen act after they become the man of their own company, issues came up and a lot of things happened between them. But the principal of all they have right now is their diligence in their work. They will not achieve what they have right now without working it hard.

That's all thank you. :D